MANINI is an acronym for Mahila Nirantara Nidhi. This project is a community based micro finance programme initiated by women for their livelihood and upliftment. Unlike other micro finance institutions, it is owned and managed by women. Manini is formed under the Karnataka Souharda Cooperative Act. This Act has provision for individual SHG members to come together and form a co-operative society.

At present MANINI is promoted in two districts of Karnataka namely Bellary and Gadag. Through this programme women are trained to run the MANINI co-operatives. They are taught about the rules and regulations as per Karnataka Souharda Act and also maintenace of accounts. Women started one MANINI Co-operative at Kottur in Bellary district and one at Bellatti (Laxmeswar) in Gadag district. While the MANINI at Bellatti (Gadag) has stepped into third year of operation, MANINI at Kottur stepped into second year of operations. The other co-operative at Laxmeswar is yet to get its registration.

Specific updates about the progress of each of these co-operatives and programmes is made available as intermediate or annual reports. The links below will lead you to these Reports.

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